We sure do!  On weekdays we deliver all over Geelong and suburbs, Bellarine Peninsula, Surfcoast, Melbourne and towns in Western Victoria. Hop onto our Deliveries page to check the cut off times for placing orders for each of these areas.
If you place your order by close of business the day before, we can deliver to Melbourne on weekdays only. The flowers are our designs sent out from our Geelong shopfront, so you can be sure of the same quality and style of work as if you walked into our store.
We are happy to refer you to a florist in the area you need the flowers to go if we know one.  We are not affiliated with any floral networks (order gatherer services) because we want all of your budget to be on flowers and not in agent commissions.  We are fans of you supporting the most local florist to the recipient and cutting out the middle man.
As much as we love working with flowers all day, every day, we also love our friends and families, so Saturdays and Sundays are our days to shut the shop and spend time with them. 
We love weddings and seeing floral dreams come to life with our couples. Head to the Weddings page to checkout some of our work and fill in the enquiry form.

Firstly, we prefer to see people's faces when we hand over flowers, so if you don't think they are going to be home, we can deliver to their workplace, a lovely neighbor or friend.

Flowers are always left in a safe place undercover if possible, otherwise they are returned to our store and we'll contact you for redirection. Note that another trip to their house (or elsewhere) incurs another delivery charge. Same goes if you supply incorrect delivery details, if front gates are locked, apartments require buzz in access, or big, angry barking dogs prevent us from getting near the door.

Pretty much everything except trading your first born for flowers. We'll take your cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal. We will not accept cheques cos it's old school and you've surely got a credit card (or three).

Nup. No. Never. Artificial is banned in our space. Fake is not what we do.
No. After six years in the program we ceased our alliance because we became aware of how many pods were in circulation!  Going forward we are advocating for using reusable coffee pods or going old school with a grinder to reduce your footprint.
We've got to pay our lovely delivery driver and fork out for petrol, so delivery prices vary depending upon how long the trip will take and the distance from our shop. The smallest floral design we create for delivery is a $55 florist choice posie with delivery on top of that. There is no charge for delivery of items within 2 blocks of the shop (like St John of God Hospital) because we walk these for a little incidental exercise.